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Tailored Pricing Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Discover our custom pricing table options designed to meet the specific requirements of your business. Whether you're a startup, small business, or enterprise, we offer flexible and scalable pricing plans that align with your goals. Get the right package that maximizes your ROI and sets you up for success in the digital landscape. Explore the possibilities below.


Digital Marketing Services Best of Market

Strengthened Brand Presence and Authority

📍 Local SEO 1

15 local business citations or local listings for your business

$ 14 /15
  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Verifying the existence of a business
  • Organic Ranking Whitehat SEO
  • Establishing the location of a business
  • Making a business appear more credible to search engines

🚀📈 Off page SEO | OPS1

Boost Your Website's Rankings with Powerful DA 50+ Profile Backlinks! Upto 30

$ 16 /30 backlinks
  • 100% White Hat
  • high-quality profile backlinks
  • Faster indexing by search engines.
  • Gain authority site backlinks
  • Boost website rank

🎯 Enhance Landing Page + On-Page SEO

Optimize for Conversions with On-Page SEO! improving conversion rates and driving valuable actions from your visitors.

$ 12 /1 page
  • On-Page SEO | 1 keyword ranking
  • Content Optimization
  • Heading & Page structure
  • Enhanced search engine visibility and rankings
  • 100 Free backlinks

Increase MOZ DA

Achieve Long-term SEO Success and Organic DA increase

$ 45 30+ DA
  • Quality Backlinks building
  • Spam Free
  • Organic Ranking Whitehat SEO
  • Attract Guest posts and Comments
  • Relevancy and Quality of Back links

E-commerce Basic Package

Essential Basic website to Kickstart Your Online Store

$ 99 /support 1 month
  • Responsive Landing page
  • 3 pages
  • Mobile friendly | 1 month support
  • 10 products include images support
  • 1 Payment gateway

On-Page SEO Mastery

Optimizing Every Element for Maximum Search Visibility

$ 30 /Main page
  • Meta Information | Page quality
  • Backlinks report
  • Heading& Page structure
  • Keywords optimizing
  • 100 Free backlinks

Press Release Distribution to 400+ Premium Sites

Get your message in front of a massive audience with our lightning-fast PR distribution service.

$ 80 400+ PR
  • Instant Exposure Quality Backlinks building
  • Widespread Coverage | Google Index
  • Improve your online presence
  • Gain trust and authority
  • Clean Reports

Increase Domain Authority to 40+

Boost your website's credibility and search engine rankings with our specialized service.

$ 90 /Increase DA 40+
  • Strengthen website's reputation
  • Authoritative and reputable sources
  • Long-Term Benefits
  • MOZ DA improve
  • SERP position

TJP Premium Edition: Advanced SEO BackLinks

SEO potential with our TJP Premium Edition service. Elevate your website's authority with an advanced link wheel campaign that includes a minimum of 1,200+ high-quality backlinks from top-tier platforms.

$ 30 /Main page
  • 1,200+ links in the campaign results
  • High authority backlinks
  • Keywords optimizing

Google Knowledge Panel Creation

Establish your online authority with a personalized Google Knowledge Panel. Showcase your brand's legitimacy and expertise in search results.

$ 250 per profile
  • Official Google Knowledge Panel
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increase brand recognition and awareness
  • Gain trust and authority
  • Convey a professional profile

Increase Domain Rating to 30+

Elevate your website's authority and credibility with our specialized service. Increase your domain rating for improved search engine rankings

$ 90 /Increase DA 40+
  • website's credibility and trustworthiness
  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Long-Term Benefits
  • organic traffic and online visibility.
  • SERP position

Press Release & Guest Post Distribution

Amplify your online presence with our dynamic service. Distribute press releases and guest posts to premium sites for maximum exposure.

$ 5 /Custom pricing based on site
  • Wider Audience Reach + Backlink
  • Establish authority and credibility in your industry
  • SEO Advantage

SMM Services Best of Market

Strengthened Brand Presence and Authority

YouTube Ads Views

Get more views for your YouTube videos. Increase your video's visibility and grow your channel's audience.

$ 25 20000 views
  • Quality Safe Ads Views
  • Increased Video Visibility
  • Organic Channel Growth and Engagement
  • Ads on Magazines, websites, forums
  • Enhanced Video Visibility

YouTube Subscribers from Natural Sources

Gain genuine subscribers for your YouTube channel from Nonproxy sources. Build a loyal audience count that never drops

$ 6 /1000 subscribers
  • Natural Growth in Subscriber Count
  • Premium Quality with Natural Speed
  • 300-400 per day safe
  • Increased Credibility and Trustworthiness
  • Long-Term Channel Success and Sustainability

YouTube Browse Features: Home and Recommendations

Ad your videos to appear in users' home feeds and recommendations on YouTube. Increase visibility and engagement as the retention is higher

$ 48 /30000 views
  • View Source Recommendation + Home
  • Higher CTC and Engagement
  • Improve Video Discoverability
  • Longer watch time
  • 100% Safest Quality views

Real Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Gain authentic, permanent followers for your Instagram account. Boost your presence and credibility with a Real Quality accounts

$ 1 1000 followers
  • Quality Profiles with all DP's
  • Global Wordwide accounts
  • Safest Quality that never hurt
  • Likelihood of Organic Growth
  • Enhanced Social Proof

Real Indian Non-Drop Instagram Followers

Gain authentic, permanent Indian followers for your Instagram account. Boost your presence and credibility with a genuine audience

$ 1.5 /1000 Followers
  • Points exchange source
  • All Indian| Follows you to gain some points
  • Safest Quality that never hurts
  • Likelihood of Organic Growth
  • Enhanced Social Proof

Organic Instagram Views

Boost the visibility of your Instagram videos with increased views. Reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

$ 1 /20000 views
  • Enhanced Video Visibility on Instagram
  • Increased Engagement and Interaction Rate
  • Improve Video Discoverability
  • Higher Likelihood of Appearing in Explore Page
  • Strengthened Brand Presence and Authority

OTT Services Best of Market

Cheapest price than official OTT platforms

Netflix UHD Plan: Almost 4 Screens,

Enjoy stunning Ultra HD streaming on up to four screens with our premium Netflix plan. Please note that this plan offers limited flexibility, with passwords and profiles set to remain unchanged.

$ 1.5 1 month
  • Cheapest than official price
  • Ultra HD Streaming
  • Multi-Screen Convenience

Amazon prime

Unlock incredible savings on Amazon Prime memberships through our exclusive offer. Enjoy all the benefits of Prime at a fraction of the official price. Start enjoying fast shipping, streaming, and more today

$ 1.2 /1 month
  • Cheapest than official price
  • Ultra HD streaming
  • Password not Changeable
  • Replacement Guarantee

Canva Pro lifetime Fully unlocked

Gain lifetime access to Canva Pro with all features fully unlocked. Elevate your design game with this exclusive offer. Create stunning graphics, presentations, and more without limitations

$ 20 /llifetime
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities
  • Premium Content: Fully unlocked
  • Magic Resize and Brand Kit.