Question: What is TjpromotionsPro SMM?
Answer: TjpromotionsPro SMM is the worlds best quality and cheapest automatic Social Media Panel, that can boost your Social Media Activity.


Question: What does TjpromotionsPro SMM offer ?

Answer: As a SMM Panel we offer all types of Social Media Marketing Services such as Instagram Likes/Followers, Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Followers and many other services at a cheap rate. Those services can help you increase your engagement, its also a perfect way to give a "prestige" to new companies because  no one wants to follow or like a new company/brand with a low amount of followers.



Question: Is TjpromotionsPro SMM safe to use? Will it hurt my account?

Answer: Facebook has shut down pages in the past who have broken their terms of service by having software-created fake likes, but this does not apply to us. We've never had a customer's account harmed as a result of our services but we suggest to read our full terms of service before ordering!



Question: What is Partially completed status?

Answer: If status is Partially completed it means system can't give more likes/followers to current page and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers. Please order in different server in that case .


Question: How to place new order:

In the field Type — Select the type of services from the drop-down list.
In the field Link — Fill the link to the page in the format.
In the field Quantity — Fill the needed quantity of likes/followers